Physiotherapy for everyone

Our mission is to bring physiotherapy in every home trough our smart phone gadget and application with detailed instructions

Save your time!

You don't have to drive and wait to get your physiotherapist anymore! You can simply enjoy your relaxation at home anytime.

Physiotherapist on demand

In case you need special treatment you can always get in touch with professionaly anywhere in the world.

Enjoy your sport

Intensive trainings require special care for your body. Recover faster with our special programs.

What is deTENS?

deTENS is a wireless module for smartphones that enables electrostimulation therapy through four channels of gel electrodes placed on a certain part of your body. Mentioned stimulations are used in physiotherapy for faster rehabilitation after injury and as pain relief, while in sport they are used for faster regeneration of muscles and muscle toning. It also comes handy as a massage for relaxation.

How does it work?

Accessory is communicating with a cell phone through Bluetooth (or BLE) and free application on your smart device provides various range of therapies for every purpose. Connectivity of your phone to the mobile network opens completely new horizon to the internet of things. Consequently we can store our log of therapies in the cloud or we can send it to a physiotherapist with all the questions that make us wonder. On the basis of that log our physiotherapist can solve our issue and prescribe us new therapy that we can simply download through the internet. Moreover, they can virtually demonstrate on 3D human body inside application, where to put electrodes for desired effect of the treatment.

Our Team

We are group of 5 students from Slovenia. Enthusiastic, optimistic, hard-working and addicted to coffee :)

Gregor Treska

CEO, business development

Jošt Novljan

Lead engineer, back end

Egejc Vencelj

Software developer

Mija Cevzar

UX, customer development

Mateja Kova─Ź

Product and graphic designer

Our supporters

There is more and more people who support us and believe in our idea.

"I would recommend deTENS mobile phone gadget to all people with smarthphones and dynamic lifestyle. For my patients I would advise to have a meeting first, where I would make sure that they are keen with deTENS module, then we would keep in touch through mobile application that allow my costumers to write me questions about their therapy and to ask for suggestions. Furthermore, in case there would be need for new treatment, they would be able to download it."

" I had around two hundread of those treatments in the past as I was professional volleyball player and my body couldn't keep with too intensive trainings. I've used both, home devices by myself and stationary devices at physiotherapist. I belive that both are lacking of guides inside device as reading tomes about electrostimulation really wasn't easy way to get information."

"I had around three such devices at home as I am sitting in front of computer all day long and I frequently have back pain. Biggest problem is that if you buy certain device that there are limited functions and therefore you need to buy new devices on every two or three years. I would really appreciate if I could just simply update software of those devices so I really like idea of deTENS module for smart phone where this wouldn't be issue anymore."

"I had EMS and TENS treatments in past as part of rehabilitation after my injury. I can say that it is very hard for people without any knowledge of anatomy to use home devices. I belive deTENS module can indeed significantlly improve user experience and therefore also usefulness of home treatments.

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